• Emma Crawford

The Spring Equinox – our new beginning

This weekend marks the first spring since our family moved to The Lavender Farm in Pickstock, Shropshire. A new life, a new beginning, the first shoots of our new and exciting adventure in lavender, and a new blog…!

I have loved lavender for as long as I can recall. It lined the path of the first family home I remember as a child,and as an adult I have planted lavender at every house we have lived in – to stamp my mark and to signal ourhome. Lavender roots me. When I smell lavender I feelinstantly at home - reassured and calm.

To be living in and looking after our own lavender farm now is beyond what I could have hoped for and I still at times feel overwhelmed that we are here.

But here we are and here I am, looking at the first springshoots on our rows of lavender, after this horrible year, watching the first (huge) bumble bees and hoping somethings: that we can create happy memories for ourchildren on our lavender farm, that we can protect and continue the Shropshire Lavender legacy created in love by Joanna and Robin Spencer for their family 35 years ago, and that you will join us and share our journey and our lavender.

Emma x

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